Griggsville-Perry teacher wins October golden apple

Kristine Bingham has been teaching in the Griggsville-Perry School district for 25 years, and her optimistic and positive attitude has had an impact on everyone she’s met, including Principal Jeff Bourne.

"This is a tough business to be in. She realizes it’s for the kids, and just her attitude, it makes it easier for everybody around her." Bourne said. 

Mrs. Bingham has taught fourth grade at Griggsville-Perry Elementary, and she is the October winner of the WGEM Golden Apple Award. 

In addition to the countless hours that Mrs. Bingham has put into teaching, she has also battled breast cancer. Fellow teachers like Jamie Kelly witnessed her fight against cancer, and the positive attitude she maintained throughout it all. 

"I’ve seen her fight a lot of battles, and this one is the biggest one that she’s fought, and she’s fought it with grace, and lots of motivation, and positivity" Kelly said.

During her fight she declined sick leave, fearing it would hurt the kids. So she taught all day long and then left for Quincy late in the afternoon for treatment. 

"The kids even helped countdown the days that I was done with radiation, and so they were in it with me and cheering me on, and so it’s been really good." Bingham said. 

Mrs. Bingham also noted that the chance to help out her students kept her going. Even through her battle with cancer. 

"To be able to provide them with experiences, and to help them out. I don’t know it’s just important for the other kids, I want them to be able to do things to." Bingham added. 

Mrs. Bingham family says she has finished her radiation therapy, and now will be going to Quincy for checkups to make sure she stays healthy. 



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