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Family sues Chaddock, claims negligence in daughter’s sex assault

Quincy (WGEM) — The family of a 15-year-old former Chaddock resident is suing the organization, claiming the facility didn’t protect their daughter from being drugged, beaten, and sexually assaulted after sneaking out of the facility in 2017.

Kim Jensen, the girl’s adoptive mother, hired attorney Shawn Collins to file a lawsuit against Chaddock. That suit was filed in U.S. District Court February 7.

The suit claims the 15 year old was a resident at the Quincy facility and snuck out of the “supposedly secure” facility on August 26, 2017, with two girls. It claims the two girls took the girl to a home in the community where they had been sexually assaulted previously.

“When Kayla told us what had happened, I just felt sick,” Jensen added.

The lawsuit states the girl was there for several hours, and while there, was hit on the head and knee with a pipe, exposed to pornography, given alcohol and drugs, watched other girls have sex, and was sexually assaulted herself. The suit claims the other two girls left the girl at the home, and the men brought her back to Chaddock the next morning.

The family says Chaddock was aware that young girls ran off-site and were sexually assaulted by a group of men known by Chaddock to reside in the nearby community. They also say Chaddock knew that the two girls who took the victim to the house had been sexually assaulted in the same home where the victim was sexually assaulted.

The suit claims that Chaddock then turned its back on the victim by discharging her from the facility, thus interrupting her treatment both for the previous child abuse, and the sexual assault she suffered while a resident at Chaddock.

“She wasn’t supposed to be home until December, and now all of the sudden I have this kiddo in my home,” Jensen said. “I don’t have a doctor. I don’t have a school, and she was a mess. She was saying why did they kick me out, what did I do wrong? I wasn’t my fault.”

The family also claims Chaddock refuses to release medical and educational records they requested months ago. They said not having those records block the victim from finding a new treatment facility.

The family stated Chaddock was negligent in supervising their daughter, and caused emotional distress.

“I was like what is going on here? You people know attachment, you know trauma, you know what you need to do here,” Jensen said. “You need to tell Kayla I believe you. You need to tell Kayla it’s okay and you’ll be safe, but they were just silent.”

The lawsuit states “Chaddock is supposed to be a safe place – a place where every child deserves a chance. But for (the victim), Chaddock made her worse, re-traumatized her and caused more suffering.”

Jensen’s attorney’s believes this isn’t an isolated incident, saying the Quincy Police Department has responded to Chaddock a number of times. Quincy Police records that show officers responded to 80 missing persons cases at Chaddock in 2017…68 cases in 2016…and 64 cases in 2015.

“Chaddock knew this had been happening by the hundreds,” Collins said. “Chaddock knew that on at least one occasion, two women that were also allowed to leave Chaddock, a 14-year-old and a 15-year-old, went to the same location that Kayla would be led to a couple of weeks later, and also claimed to be sexually assaulted.”

The lawsuit lists the victim’s debilitating diagnoses, which include reactive attachment disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, major depressive disorder with recurrent and sever psychotic symptoms, intermittent explosive disorder and anxiety. It also states that while at Chaddock, the victim was also diagnosed with major neurocognitive disorder due to multiple etiologies with behavioral disturbance, autism spectrum disorder, severe language disorder, and persistent depressive disorder among other diagnoses. The lawsuit states that although the victim is now 16 years old, she functions at a second-grade level in her overall reading abilities, and a the third-fourth grade level in her general language. It says that because of that, the victim needs the assistance and support required of someone much younger than her, and it was Chaddock and its staff’s role to supervise her and protect her from harm.

The family claims Chaddock was negligent in supervising their daughter, and caused emotional distress. The lawsuit states Chaddock failed to monitor residents at night and failed to adequately secure the exit to the cottage where the victim stayed so that residents couldn’t leave at night.

The lawsuit seeks to change the “deliberate indifference towards the disabled young children in its custody.” It states the best way to do that would be to punish and sanction Chaddock with “substantial punitive damages.”

Chaddock leaders refused to answer questions from WGEM News. President & CEO Debbie Reed would only release the following statement:

“Chaddock believes the allegations being made by Kim Jensen are unfounded. Chaddock strives at all times to act in the best interest of the children and families enrolled in our programs, and supervision of children is a top priority of Chaddock. We deny the allegations and look forward to presenting our defense in court.”

Read the full lawsuit here:

Jim Roberts

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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