66 veterans will participate in final Honor Flight of 2017

Dozens of veterans will be heading to our nations capital this week for the final honor flight of the year.  

Veterans and their families met Sunday afternoon to prepare for Mission 45 out of Hannibal.

The group will consists of seven Korean war veterans and 59 Vietnam vets.

This is one of the most interesting flights on record, 64 out of 66 veterans are from Pike County, Illinois.

But no matter what, this trip is all about unity. 

"It’s gonna be very exciting because, like I said, at least you will know a lot of people you are going with," Vietnam veteran Perry Wheeler said. "So, it makes it a lot better." 

"Honestly, I debated on whether I would do this trip," Army veteran Robert Reed said. "But once I understood that there would be comradery of my fellow veterans, then I had to go." 

The group leaves on Saturday, October 14th at 2:45 a.m. to St. Louis.

To date, more than 1,418 local vets have participated in the honor flight. 



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