Western Elementary teacher wins Golden Apple

Western Elementary School teacher Ellen Archambo is October’s WGEM Golden Apple Award winner.

Archambo spends most of her time one on one or in small groups helping kids learn to read.

"She used to help me a lot because I know I used to struggle with reading and she just helped us so much," fifth grader Broklynn Stolte said. "I’m glad she’s here." 
Archambo returned to her alma mater and began teaching at what is now Western Elementary School in Barry, IL in 1994. She has taught every grade level but second, and now seems to have found her nitch as the school’s reading recovery teacher.
"It was great being in the classroom, but this has given me a chance to really know kids and really feel like I know how to work specifically with a child and help that child," Archambo said.
Fourteen years ago Archambo was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but fellow teachers say she still gives 100 percent every day.
"Anyone that knows her knows she’s here for the children. She’s here, she’s dedicated. She comes everyday whether she feels like it or not," teacher Gayle Hoskins said. 
Principal Connie Thomas said despite Archambo’s added struggles, her signature hard work and positive attitude have not wavered. 
"I’ve never seen her not smile. I have never heard her complain. She wants to do what’s best for students and she wants to help as many students as she can along the way," Thomas said.
"I want to do the best that I can for the kids and it’s hard, there are days I can’t make it. It’s hard, so that’s my motivation," Archambo said.



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