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Broekemeier wins WGEM Golden Apple Award

Quincy’s Washington School physical education teacher Nik Broekemeier was awarded February’s WGEM Golden Apple Award.

Known to his students as "Mr. B", Broekemeier is known for the unique games he creates for his classes.

"It’s like a double game, it’s two games smashed into one, " second grader Mia Tidwell said.

"We have to flip over the mat and then flip it back over," second grader Nai’Aree Hazzard said. "It’s like really weird and he makes up these weird games."

Broekemeier is even known to incorporate math and science lessons into his curriculum.

"It’s our job to be creative and come up with different activities to work on those skills so the students can improve upon them and in turn develop them into life-long learners of physical fitness," Broekemeier said.

"He’s just a phenomenal educator and he wants everyone to achieve their personal best and more," Principal Sara Cramer said.

A thin wall separates the gym from the library at Washington School. 

"I can hear everything that goes on in there and I can hear the kids having fun, they are having a blast!" school librarian Brandy Hickerson said. 

Hickerson said Broekemeier’s teaching is not just building stronger bodies and positive minds, but inspiring his students and fellow educators.

"He inspires me to do better, to want to be more creative and get the kids involved and be more involved with technology. He inspires other teachers to do great," Hickerson said.

Broekemeier’s wife, who is a para educator at Washington School, says that contagious positive attitude is always there, at home and at school.

"I know how passionate he is about not just teaching, but kids and being involved in their lives and being a positive role model," Erica Perry-Broekemeier said.

?Broekemeier is inspiring others to do their best one "creative" game at a time.

"Having an activity where I know the students are going to struggle, but I know in the long run they are going to get it," Broekemeier said. "When they finally do get it it makes it all worthwhile."


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