Palmyra proposes tax increase for street upgrades

Drivers in Palmyra say street repairs are something they could use even if it cost them a little extra at the pump or at a restaurant in town.

“Up against the curbs and things, they need repaired because there’s broken concrete all over and some of the corners.” said Palmyra resident Mary Jo Vopel.

“We would all pay a little bit more, I’m sure you wouldn’t see a huge difference just to improve the streets would be a great thing.” added Palmyra resident Angela Shannon.

The city is proposing a one quarter of a cent sales tax increase. Palmyra Mayor Loren Graham said the money will go towards transportation projects.

“That quarter cent generates around $100,000 -$110,000 dollars a year. So about every other year we’re able to spend a couple hundred thousand dollars and resurface some streets,” he said.

The mayor says while the streets aren’t in terrible shape, they still need this increase to be passed so that they can continue to make improvements.

“If we don’t keep the repairs going, everything will fall apart. We gotta spend the money to keep our streets in good shape.” stated Graham.

Drivers said an increase for projects like this is needed because potholes and broken pavement isn’t just something you have to worry about if you’re driving.

“If you’re crossing the street or something and you step on some of that loose concrete, it could throw you or you could twist an ankle.” explained Vopel.

Graham said the street commissioner will look at how much money is in this transportation fund and then decide which streets will be upgraded first. He said that decision should come sometime in May.



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