Dot Foods hosting Health & Hiring Expo

Dot Foods is partnering with Blessing Hospital to host their Health and Hiring Expo Monday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Quincy.

The Women of the Warehouse Group help organized the event as a part of National Women’s Health Week. People will have the opportunity to test lift products to see if a warehouse career is the right fit, and receive interview and resume tips.

"For us we’re always growing and that’s why we’re always hiring, so typically we have warehouse jobs open all the time and plenty of other jobs throughout the company too," Suzy Parn, director of personnel for Dot Foods, said.

Blessing will provide health and wellness screenings including blood pressure and hygiene advice. Registered Nurse Laura Wietholder said it is important to practice healthy living in the workplace.

"I think businesses see that if they have a healthy strong workforce, it’s to benefit them as well," Wietholder said.

Men and women are welcomed at the expo and children’s activities will be available as well.



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