Tri-State residents keep their eyes on the river levels

It’s a waiting game for those along the Mississippi River as river levels continue to rise. Much of the area is under a flood warning and already over flood stage.

"We know exactly where the water starts to flow into our business," said Denise Brown, co-owner of The Dock. 

When the water gets to around 26 feet is when Brown says they’ll have to start clearing things out.

"We just start to gut," said Brown. "We start emptying out the building and start loading up trailers and get everything we can out."

Brown says the river hasn’t affected The Dock since 2013, but since then they’ve made some changes with their building.

"We made sure, because of flooding, that we did it so we didn’t have to tear things down," said Brown. "Everything is concrete and glass doors go up so the moving out process is very easy."

Upstream, it’s a different outlook on the rising river as Scotty Thomas takes his bowfishing bow and arrows out on the boat looking for Gar and Carp.

"There’s no better time," said Thomas. "When the water is up like that, that’s when you need to go."

As for Brown and her business, she says this is all par for the course.

"If you’re a river person, it’s part of your life," said Brown. "You have to take that chance, because it’s well worth it."

On Sunday, the river level in Quincy came in at 19.5 feet. Flood stage is 17 feet.

According to the National Weather Service, the river is expected to crest today at 19.6 feet in Quincy.



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