Fort Madison Fire Department has new fire truck

After being down a truck for more than a year, the Fort Madison Fire Department is back to full service.

Firefighters say a new truck will have a big impact on residents in the community. 

A year after it crashed into water near the Mississippi River, Engine 9411 will be back on the road with a new design.

"It brings the fleet up to date and it extends it out for the truck that was in the accident and that one was 17-years-old," Fire Chief Joey Herren said. 

The new truck from Alexis Fire Equipment in Illinois brings state of the art equipment to Fort Madison. Everything from pumpers, to jaws of life, and electronics.

The truck was purchased for $565,000 but insurance paid for most of it. The city only had to invest $60,000

"Old equipment breaks, the new equipment and technology works better and it’s nicer than the old stuff," Firefighter Justin Cain said. 

Fire Chief Joey Herren said this will be the frontline truck and respond to every fire.

"We are hoping it gets us 25-30 years out of it because of the design and the stainless steel box, it should extend the life of it," Herren said.

The biggest impact is lighting. This new truck has brand new lights around it and it has a big impact when firefighters are battling a blaze."

"It’s covered in scene lights," Cain said. "We can light up a whole city block. The old stuff, they are old incandescent bulbs. These are all, LED’s. With a flip of the switch, we can light it all up. It’s a safer work environment and we can see everything."

Justin Cain joined the department when it lost the truck and says it will be nice to operate at full speed.

"Once we get trained and we use the new equipment, everything should be faster and work better and we will have faster response times."

Chief Herren said firefighters will have a three-day training next week. Once that’s complete, the truck will be up and running.



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