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Quincy police officer shoots and kills suspect

A man was shot and killed by a Quincy police officer Monday night, according to Quincy Police Deputy Chief Doug VanderMaiden.

Police Chief Rob Copley said the officer confronted the man on a sidewalk at 11th and Jackson around 8:30 p.m. He said the man then pulled a gun, the officer felt threatened and shot the man multiple times.

It’s unclear what led to the confrontation but Chief Copley said the officer was not hurt. He said the officer was taken to the hospital, as per department policy. Early Tuesday morning, Quincy Police confirmed that the officer had left the hospital.

Copley said paramedics performed CPR on the subject, but he ultimately didn’t survive.

VanderMaiden said the officer would be placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation, which is department policy.

Copley said he called Illinois State Police in to investigate the shooting, which he said is also department policy for an officer-involved shooting. The Adams County State’s Attorney’s Office was also on the scene.

VanderMaiden said the officer was not wearing a body cam, but all of their patrol cars do have dash cameras.

However, it is unclear if the dash camera was recording or if the vehicle was pointed in the direction of the confrontation.

Kelly Potts has lived in that neighborhood for more than 20 years, said she was confused when she initially heard the shots, just feet from her home.

“I heard what I thought was four gunshots. At the time we didn’t realize they were gunshots. I said to my husband what is that? What’s going on? And we looked out the window and saw a police officer and someone down, ” Potts said. “I’ve lived in St. Louis, I’ve lived in Dallas and I know these types of things happen there, but I’ve never, living in the larger cities, been exposed to something so close.”

Potts added that she saw crews trying to save the suspect’s life.

“I did look over and did see people doing CPR, but I felt like it had gone on for some time and didn’t know if he was going to make it.”

When asked if she still felt safe in here, Potts, who has crime tape in her yard, said, “Not as safe as you would think for a town this small, no probably not.”

Potts said, she was planning on having a graduation party this weekend at the park near where the shooting happened. She says now she’s thinking about changing those plans.

The last officer-involved shooting in Quincy happened in 2011.


WGEM’s Kaylee Pfeiferling is on the scene of an officer involved shooting in Quincy.

Posted by WGEM News – The Tri-States’ News Leader on Monday, May 14, 2018


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