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Foster parents needed in the Tri-States

Chaddock Foster & Adoption will honor foster parents with a ceremony and balloon release Thursday at the Geisler Pavilion on the Chaddock campus to celebrate National Foster Care Month.

Chaddock license manager Scott Wheelock said more foster parents are needed in the area. In the 2017 fiscal year, the agency had around 190 children in foster care and the number has risen to 240 in 2018.

Wheelock believes the increase is due to more abuse and neglect cases being reported but said a good foster parent can change a child’s life.

"You get to help these children who come from a bad background most of the time heal basically, you and your family you’re part of a team."

Training and background checks are required to become a foster parent and it can take around six months to become licensed. Chaddock currently has an estimate of 100 licensed foster homes. 

Kelly Green was a foster parent for around 12 years and notices children from age 8 through teenage years are one of the biggest groups needing homes. She says people may not want to foster a child, in fear of being emotionally attached and the child will have to return home.

"That’s part of the process but don’t let that prevent people from doing that, because you know when a kid comes into foster care they’ve been through  a lot and they just need someone to be there with them and love them," Green said.

To learn more about process of becoming a foster parent click here.


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