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Gov. Rauner announces plans for a new water supply for Quincy

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner announced a "partnership" between the State of Illinois and the city of Quincy on Wednesday with plans to build a new water well for the city.

Rauner delivered the news in Quincy from the banks of the Mississippi River, near the water treatment plant on Front St. Rauner was joined by Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore, members of the Quincy City Council, Alec Messina, Director of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and Mike Hoffman, Veterans’ Home Project Manager.

Rauner said that replacing the current water treatment plant, that pulls water from the Mississippi River, with a groundwater system, would not only help to reduce sickness at the Illinois Veteran’s Home but would benefit residents in Quincy, especially older residents and those with impaired immune systems.

"Groundwater has the benefit of being cooler and the benefit of being filtered through sand," Rauner said. "Cooler temperatures keep organisms from being able to grow readily so it tends to be cleaner safer water." 

Rauner said the Illinois Protection Agency would be investing $3 million in development funds for the project and the Quincy City Council would be appropriating another $3 million for the rest of the project.

Rauner expects the well to take a year or two to complete with construction beginning this summer.

Mayor Kyle Moore said switching to a groundwater system has been identified in Quincy’s long-range plan since 1981 and offered the following benefits to Quincy:

  • Fewer chemical and bacteria elements in the water.
  • A reduction in operational costs, not only in manpower, but in chemicals.
  • The elimination of a $600,000 cost in planned rehab work to the outdated water treatment plant for the next budget year.
  • An opportunity to incorporate the current water treatment plant into a future riverfront development, which is a key strategy in the Quincy Next Strategic Plan.

"Bottom line this investment provides Quincy with a safer water supply that is easier to treat, less expensive to operate and makes room for riverfront development all while solving a critical need for the Illinois Veterans’ Home," said Moore. 

    Quincy’s current Water Treatment Plant at 110 N. Front St.


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