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Macomb receiving state funding for downtown revitalization

The city of Macomb is one step closer to achieving a revitalized downtown.

Mayor Mike Inman said on Tuesday that the city is receiving roughly $1.2 million dollars from the state of Illinois to help fund its downtown revitalization project.

As part of a grant, the state covers 80% of costs, so Macomb will spend around $250,000 to $280,000.

Inman also said the goal is to encourage growth at the downtown, both from a business, and living perspective, and he hopes the project provides a spark for the city.

"We’re building in a clientele living in the downtown, eating in the downtown, spending in the downtown, and it is a part of a bigger plan for the improvements of the historic downtown as a whole." Inman said.

Jane Gooding, the owner of The Book Post II, agreed that more people in the downtown would be beneficial.

"I think that would be a good draw and places for kids just to go shopping, and Macomb used to be that way." Gooding said. "Every Friday night I would be on the square, walking around the square."

Mayor Inman also said the city is going to hold off on beginning work on the next stage of the project until 2020, to allow downtown businesses some rest from construction.


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