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Marion Co. finding ways to fund bridge project

$199,000 dollars is on its way to Marion County to fund the Taylor bridge project.

The funds are leftover from a tax that funded the highway 36 project that went through the county.

They’ll be used  to fund transportation projects, specifically the Taylor bridge replacement which is estimated to cost 1.3 million dollars.

The bridge has been closed since last November after MoDOT deemed it unsafe.

"The need is there. It’s a very vital transportation lane for safety factors to help the farmers get off highway 61 there at the interchange at 24 and 61. So anyway we can help move the project a long a little faster is a definite plus." said Marion County Presiding Commissioner Lyndon Bode

Bode said bids will open for the bridge project sometime in October and by next year the Taylor bridge will be replaced.

He also said each county that was part of the highway 36 project could receive even more leftover funds which would be around $10,000. 


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