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Marion County dust control program starting

When you drive down a gravel road, your car will kick up a lot of dust which can especially be a headache for people who live on gravel roads.

For those willing to pay, there is a program in Marion County where residents can have crews spray their gravel roads to control the dust.

Marion County’s Clerk, Valerie Dornberger, signed up for the program last year and she said it works.

"It’s still working. We had it applied, I think it was last July and it’s still working so I signed up to have it done again this year and they say every year you have it done, the stronger it becomes and the less chance you’ll have of any dust," she explained.

This is the second year for this program. If you sign up you will have to pay for at least 300 feet of road to be treated which means the minimum cost to you will be around $204 dollars.

The deadline to sign up is May 25th and you can do that by calling the Marion County Highway Department at (573) 769-4660.


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