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Vets Home Project still awaits lawmakers decision

The new well project announced Wednesday doesn’t solve everything for the Illinois Veterans’ Home.

Governor Rauner said he’s still waiting on the legislature to pass a bill to get enough funding for proposed plans. 

Rauner said there is a capital appropriation bill that needs to be passed before they can move forward with the planned project.

The $230 million plan would build a new water system and buildings at the veterans home.

Officials at the home said it’s a step in the right direction but funding needs to come through. 

"I wouldn’t want to build a 230 million dollar building without a new water source," Troy Culbertson said. "This is the new equipment preparing for the new adventure."

The bill is moving slowly  through the legislature and Rauner said if action isn’t made fast enough, the project could lose federal funds and hurt the timeline of the project.


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