Adams County Coroner allegedly attacked

 The Adams County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an alleged attack on the coroner last week.

Sheriff Brian VonderHaar said the alleged attack happened on May 10 around 8:30 p.m. on Gardner Expressway near Jackson Street.

He said  Coroner Jim Keller told him that someone threw a rock through a vehicle window and hit him in the head.

VonderHaar didn’t reveal a motive behind the attack and said they have no suspects yet, but they will continue to investigate the incident.

"We’re looking at all different kinds of angles at this time. We don’t want to narrow our investigation to one particular thing. So, we’re just investigating it as a whole." VonderHaar explained

Jim Keller said he didn’t know if the attack was related to the county’s controversial indigent death policy. He added, he wants to put the whole incident behind him.



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