Hannibal schools adding metal detectors

Sparks flew at the Hannibal School Board Meeting Wednesday night, after a heated discussion about school security.

Hannibal parent Jon Capp was escorted out of the school board meeting, after getting in the face of board members, and voicing his thoughts on needing to arm teachers.

The district is planning on adding metal detectors to its schools.

Business Manager Rich Stilley said the district is still looking into the policies that would surround the detectors.

He said the goal is to make sure students and staff are safe when they come to school.

"The most important thing that we think about each and every day is that students go home to their parents, staff goes home to their families, and it’s something that is on our minds each and every day." Stilley said.

Stilley anticipated that they will have the detectors by the start of the coming school year.



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