Local students learn about city’s history

7th graders from Quincy Junior High School were able to experience history throughout Quincy on Thursday.

One of the stops they made was at the Log Cabin Village on Quinsippi Island Park.

Student Jenna Tuttle said she was surprised to see how people used to live and feels grateful for what she has today.

The school said it’s important for students to not only learn about history in the classroom but also to see it.

"History is so important, it’s important because we need to be aware of it, it’s our heritage, it’s where we come from," said Denise Heberlein a teacher at QJHS. "I’ve often told the kids, because a lot of times they are just like, ‘why do we have to go over this?’ it’s because we don’t repeat it."

The students also visited the Quincy Museum, Dr. Eell’s House, the John Wood Mansion, and Washington Park to learn about the Lincoln-Douglas Debate.



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