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New riverfront development ideas

There’s new talk about developing Quincy’s riverfront. This comes after the governor’s  announcement Wednesday that the city is getting a new water supply.

Talk of how Quincy could redevelop the riverfront is something Chicks On The River General Manager Adam Grattan is used to.

"There’s been plans for the riverfront ever since I can remember coming to Quincy when I was a teenager. This lot next door was supposed to be built up. I remember hearing it was going to be condos back in high school." he said.

City Planning and Development Director Chuck Bevelheimer said that’s exactly what the lot was supposed to be and this is what the building would have looked like but funding for the project fell through.

"I think with a renewed focus on riverfront redevelopment, certainly this is an asset that the city is interested in pursuing." he explained.

On any given day, the empty lot next to Chicks On The River is used for parking but Bevelheimer said it’s important that it’s developed into more. "I think we all would like to see a mix use development, commerce plus housing would be preferred."

If a new water treatment facility is built, Bevelheimer said land where the current facility sits could be taken advantage of.

"I think the whole idea is if you can get more green space on your riverfront and bring attractions to the riverfront and make it a dynamic place to be then that benefits the town as a whole." Bevelheimer said.

Grattan added that anything would help.

"All you have is some restaurants. There’s no common foot traffic so it’s hit and miss on how many customers you’re going to see each day at a time." stated Grattan. "So, I think if you developed it and had more retail business and maybe a steady flow of customers down here all the time, you could better prepare your business down here."

Riverfront redevelopment is part of the Quincy next strategic plan. That plan wants to make the riverfront a tourist destination and make it the center of community activity while building retail and residential locations.


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