Chaddock honors foster parents

As part national foster care month, a local organization held a special event Thursday night, honoring those who dedicate their lives to serving children, and calling on the community to help kids in need of homes.

At Chaddock, the agency currently has 240 area children in foster care, and they say the need for foster parents remains at a high level and is increasing.

They held a balloon release Thursday night, in honor of their foster parents.

Chaddock officials said they think the number of foster children has risen due more cases of neglect and abuse being reported in the area.

Licensing Manager Lyndsey Miller said they continue to push for more foster parents, and it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

"It’s very important and anyone can do it as long as you can pass the requirements, but we’re in a very big need of foster care parents."

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, you can find out more information here.



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