Local shoppers react to announcement of Sears closing

It’s another big loss for the Quincy Mall as Sears announces it’s closing this summer. This follows the closing of J.C. Penny and Bergners, leaving the Quincy Mall with no anchor stores.

"Everything seems to be closing up," said Quincy resident Kevin Carder. 

Sears has been in the Quincy community for 90 years. 

Carder says he remembers going to Sears as a kid. 

"I remember when I was younger we would go there for mostly appliances and stuff like that," said Carder. 

Now Sears, like many other big-box retailers, is suffering due to lack of sales. Some of that drop in sales is due to online shopping.

"You also got to think about the people who own the businesses, the workers there," said Carder. "It is good to support the community and that’s something we could be missing out on by doing all the online shopping."

Sears Holdings has reported more than $10 billion in losses nationwide since 2010. Last year the company closed nearly one-fifth of its stores. 

Sutter, Illinois Resident Darrell Thompson said he wasn’t surprised to hear the news of Quincy’s Sears closing up shop. 

"This particular store, we’ve noticed the last couple of years it just has less inventory," said Thompson.

Thompson says he comes to the Quincy Mall a couple times a month with his wife. Now, with the news of the closure, this may change their plans in the future.

"There’s not many people in Sears when we go in the Sears, so I guess I was just afraid that might happen," said Thompson.

Meanwhile, Carder says he’s afraid of the implications this could have on the mall. 

"Its almost sad to see all the stuff in Quincy closing because you kind of think we should be growing as a community and it is almost is going in the opposite direction at least when it comes to the mall," said Carder.

Sears stated that the store will close in mid-August and the auto center will close later this month. Sears will begin a liquidation sale on May 25.  



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