Furniture company scams victim out of thousands

It’s anyone’s worst nightmare, being scammed out of thousands of dollars.

"We have four kids that that money could have went towards." said scam victim Heather Wilson

That’s exactly what happened to Wilson in October 2016 when she thought she was buying rustic furniture from this website,

"Devastating, it was two thousand dollars, that’s a lot of money. And we put it on our credit card so there was an extra bill every month that we had to pay for no product." explained Wilson.

Now, 19 months later she’s still waiting.

"Mid September of 2017, they lost contact with me. They would not contact me through email. They would not answer their phones. I asked them to call me and they would not call me." stated Wilson.

The BBB said anytime you are shopping online whether that’s through an app on your phone or on your computer, you need to do your research first.

"This company is a legitimate company but they are new enough and they just didn’t anticipate their growth so they were not able to handle that. You just have to do your research and check them out and see what kind of history they have." said Mara Clingingsmith with the Better Business Bureau of Quincy.

The Federal Trade Commission says people lost a total of $905 million dollars last year to fraud and Wilson hopes others can learn from her mistake.

"It was different. It was neat and it went with the rustic look we have going on in the house. It was perfect and it was like it was too good to be true and it was." said Wilson.

The BBB said this is a real company but it issued a consumer alert about Rough Country Rustic Furniture in November 2017 after the BBB said the company has over 1,250 complaints.

All of it has resulted in an F rating, the worst kind of rating the BBB hands out.



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