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High school students getting early start on college

More and more local high school students are taking college courses according to John Wood Community College.

Keiley Meyer is an incoming freshman at John Wood Community College, but she’ll be starting college ahead of her class. 

This past year, she was able to take an online sociology class and get college credit before she even left high school.

"It was really affordable because being a high school student and being able to get a head start with a college class, it just really helped me get ahead of what I’m going to be getting into at john wood." Meyer said.

John Wood Director of Admissions Billy Schaffer said the college has seen a roughly 20% increase in high school students taking advantage of their courses and getting college credits.

"The access of the online courses, I think that’s been a very popular reason why students are taking more, because they can take it over the summer." Schaffer said.

Students like Meyer said that access has given them an early head start on their career paths.

"I want to do physical therapy after I graduate from john wood I plan to go into a program." Meyer said. "I’m not sure what college I want to go to yet, but for a physical therapist assistant program."

Schaffer added that in addition to getting an early start on higher education, the transferring of those credits is another process that students are taking advantage of.

"When they leave here, they are taking their college credits with them nationwide." Schaffer said. "I’ve seen credits transfer everywhere from Mississippi State, all the way to Alaska, and all the way to Hawaii."

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