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Quincy Public Library receives state funding

A state grant is helping the Quincy Public Library with reading programs for kids.

The library received $4,500 dollars in a "Back to Books" grant from the Illinois State Librarian.

Quincy Public Library officials say the money will help buy children’s books for their school delivery program to help support school curricula. The grant will also help their developing program reach out to neighborhood centers.

Quincy Public Library Executive Director Nancy Dolan said, "We are a service organization, so much of our budget goes for staffing, but we have to have materials here for people to read and to learn and to enjoy. So, it’s very important to apply for grants to help with those things."

State officials reported the "Back to Books" program will award more than $1.2 million to over 300 libraries. 

These grants help schools and libraries acquire fiction and/or nonfiction books to improve library collections and engage readers informal and independent reading, officials stated.

"It is important that our libraries have access to a diverse collection of books for patrons to read for knowledge as well as enjoyment," said Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White. "These grants are a great way for libraries to support independent reading and encourage more people to use their local library."

Officials stated that libraries submit applications with topics for books that they will be purchasing with the grant. Topics include Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), graphic novels, large-print books, early literacy and books from lists for participation in state reading programs, such as Read for a Lifetime, Illinois Reads and the Rebecca Caudill Young Readers’ Book Award.

Quincy Public Library will purchase new materials to support the school curriculum and recreational reading for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade students.


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