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Missouri State Parks make effort to hire more veterans

State parks are now giving employment preference to former military. 

Wakonda State Park is gearing up for a busy Memorial Day weekend. If one is planning to visit over the holiday, they can expect to see some veterans working around the park. 

Park specialist at Mark Twain State Park, Brett Barnes, is an army veteran. His first job after serving was at a state park and he said veterans are perfect for a lot of the jobs at the park. 

"A lot of the military training and experience would transition right away into law enforcement experience," Barnes said. "We have openings across the state for park specialists, park maintenance workers and just a variety. It really probably depends on what job they did in the military."

Barns said that hiring veterans to work at the park will add to the overall experience and frequent park goers. Tony Casley, who often visits the park to fish, is excited for the addition of veterans. 

"I’m with my son, Tucker Casley," Casley said. "He’d have someone to look up to some. Its a good idea."

Barnes enjoys meeting the guests while at the park. He thinks other veterans would, too, so he encourages them to apply for work at the parks. 

"All veterans bring a level of professionalism to whatever they’re gonna do, so we’d be thrilled to have them working for Missouri State Parks," Barnes said. "I think it will be accepted very well by citizens and visitors at state parks."

If you’d like to apply, click here.


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