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Quincy preschool teacher wins WGEM Golden Apple

Quincy preschool teacher Carmen Griffith was awarded the WGEM Golden Apple Award for the month of May.

Griffith has taught at St. Peter School in Quincy for 15 years.

“You come into school and there is those little smiling faces all waiting for you,” Griffith said. “There’s just something about it that is dear to my heart.”

Griffith said she strives to make learning fun and exciting for her students.

“I want this first school experience to be fun for them, so they want to go on and they want to learn and they want to grow,” Griffith said.

“She teaches us new stuff all day,” one student said.

Parent Tara Bealor said Griffith brings passion and boundless energy into the classroom everyday.

“I’ve always joked that I wished I had Mrs. Griffith’s energy. I don’t know where it comes from, but God love her!,” Bealor said.

For Griffith, caring for young children is a family affair. Her daughter works at a daycare and her mother spent decades at a Quincy daycare.

From time to time, Griffith’s mother Letha Bailey now fills in as her classroom aide. She gets to see the impact firsthand her daughter is having on her students.

“Just to see the growth of the children and how they love her gives me that feeling of knowing that she is doing what she loves to do,” Bailey said.

Griffith said that love is the most important lesson she can teach her students.

“I try to give them the love and the care I would want someone to give my children,” Griffith said.

Bealor said she does.

“She’s passionate about them learning, but she I think more importantly she wants them to learn to be kind and respectful and she wants them to feel loved. And you can tell. And, she does,” Bealor said.


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