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Adams County intends to add engineering firm to lawsuit

Adams County is expected to file a third-party claim against a Quincy architecture and engineering firm, according to officials. 

State’s Attorney Gary Farha said the county plans to file the claim against Poepping, Stone, Bach & Associates, who the county said approved change orders for demolition of buildings in the footprint of the new county jail without authorization from the county. 

Blick’s Construction, the company hired to do the demolition work sued the county for approximately $117,000 in April for unpaid bills. 

The county said it doesn’t need to pay since Blick’s never issued a change order before doing the additional work. 

Farha said that in court Wednesday, Judge Charles Burch ordered the county to file a response to the suit within 28 days. 

"I expect the claim (against Poepping, Stone Bach & Associates) to be filed within 28 days," said Farha. 


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