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12 Hours of Giving Blood Donation

The American Red Cross has partnered with WGEM for the 14th annual 12 Hours of Giving Summer Blood Drive that will go on until 7 p.m. Friday. 

They’re collecting today at Madison Park Christian Church. Red Cross officials say they usually get their least amount of donations in the summer months, because regular donors take vacations or just get too busy, so they’re trying to get ahead of that. For some blood donors, they personally have seen the impacts of blood drives like these 

"My father had cancer last year, he passed away in December," said Kara Spalding a blood donor. "He received several pints of blood during his chemo treatments. After he had passed, I’m like there is something I can do to give back and so I started donating blood."

"I think about the people that he was getting blood from and the time that they took out of their day to do that and he was the recipient," said Spalding. "It was good knowing that people out there cared enough to give, so somebody else could live."

The American Red Cross says as long as you are inside the doors to Madison Park Christian Church by 7 p.m. Friday evening, you will be able to donate your blood.


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