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Illinois Veterans Home commemorates Memorial Day

The Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy hosted a Memorial Day commemoration on Friday. They also had a family picnic.

Veterans and their families from the vets home gathered to remember and honor those who passed away either during time of service or after. During the ceremony they had a "roll call" naming the veterans and members of the vets home who have passed within the last year.

"They’re remembering guys that they served side by side with and so I am sure that there is some sadness to this day as well, asking those questions, ‘why me?,’ or, ‘why wasn’t me?,’ said Administrator Troy Culbertson . "So I think, it’s kind of a bittersweet time for our veterans."

"I remember a lot, but I have brothers, marines who passed away in Beirut and they’re the ones that most stick in my mind every year this time," said George Herendeen a United State Marine Corps Veteran.

Culbertson said today they were focusing on honoring those who have served the country.


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