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Troopers stress boater safety ahead of busy season

The long holiday weekend is now wrapping up, but not before many boaters hit the water, some for the first time this season. 

From fishing boats to speed boats and even jet skis, law enforcement are urging caution on the water. 

It’s been a busy Memorial Day out on Mark Twain Lake for Trooper Jonathan Conrad with the Missouri State Highway Patrol. 

"Altogether, throughout the Memorial Day weekend we’ve stopped close to 100 boats, issued several warnings and written some tickets," said Conrad. 

Conrad says one of the biggest violations he’s seen is drivers getting too close to other boats. 

"I think we’ve probably had about six or seven people get too close to another boat as they’re going really fast past these boats," said Conrad. "We’ve stopped them, talked to them about what the law is. A lot of them don’t understand what the law is."

Someone who says he is familiar with the laws is Quincy resident Bobby Shireman. Shireman a regular at Mark Twain Lake and says safety is a top priority for him and his family.

"Alcohol seems to be a big a major problem in boating," said Shireman. "You can search it yourself. We don’t bring alcohol in the boat with us. Boats don’t have brakes."

Life jackets are also a must have on Shireman’s boat. 

"My kids are my everything so we take that very seriously," said Shireman.

Conrad says when it comes to boating a lot of the laws are about being smart.

"We’re out here first off to make sure people are educated and that they are safe in what they’re doing," said Conrad. 

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