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Congressman Dave Loebsack addresses Farm Bill at Central Lee High School

The clock is ticking for a new farm bill. 

It affects everything from crop insurance and subsidies for farmers, to food assistance and summer lunch programs. On Thursday, Congressman Dave Loebsack visited southeast Iowa to get more on the impact of that bill, here in the Tri-States.    

If the farm bill passes, it’s going to affect more than current farmers. 

"I’m going to be a future ‘ag’ teacher at Northwest Missouri State," Central FFA graduate Katie Burdette said. 

"I plan to stay here and take over my family’s farm," Central FFA Secretary Jared Kirchner said. 

Congressman Loebsack said one reason the farm bill needs to pass is that it allows more young farmers to be able to pursue careers in agriculture. 

"It will continue the crop insurance program, the crop conservation program, hopefully with some modifications so we don’t have a situation where young farmers can’t afford the rent if they want to get into the farming business at a young age," Loebsack said. 

The bill covers more than one would think. It includes education and extension programs designed to train the next generation of farmers. 

"We’ve got a shortage of workers in Iowa," Loebsack said. "We’ve got to make sure that we have the education these students need so they can get the jobs that they need."

However, there are some major hurdles to clear. It’s already failed once because of issues with work requirements for food benefits and immigration. A new one needs to be in place by the end of September. 

"If we have to stay in August, I’m in for staying in, in August," Loebsack said. 

FFA appreciates Loebsack coming out to talk about the bill. 

"It means a lot because I’m going to be a farmer when I get older," Kirchner said. "Just knowing how it goes and what the bill is. It just means a lot that he made an effort to come out to talk to us and explain himself." 


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