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Law enforcement and school leaders meet to improve school safety

Local leaders met in Quincy Wednesday in an  effort to be better prepared for the worst. 

Working together, learning from each other and creating a plan is what law enforcement agencies and school leaders are doing when it comes to dealing with school violence.  

"We want to make certain that we have one policy," State’s Attorney Gary Farha said. "We never want to experience something like what happened in Florida, like to me, when one way was pulling one way and the other side was doing the opposite."

Active shooter training, for staff and students, gun shot simulators, organization and communication and responding to school threats were topics discussed at the meeting.

Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley says its important to have everybody on the same page.

"On this issue specifically, it’s important to make sure we’re doing things the same and have the same goal in mind and learn things from each other," Copley said.

The 24 members at the meeting had the opportunity to share ideas and comment on the "what ifs" that can happen in a public school district. 

Farha said this is the first of many meetings that will take place on this issue and expects to have the plan in motion by the beginning of next year. 


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