Gov. Rauner announces $11 billion plan for infrastructure

Earlier this week, Governor Bruce Rauner announced plans to spend $11 billion on infrastructure repairs and improvements in the state. How much of that is being spent in the Tri-States?

The biggest improvement project drivers will most likely notice will be bridge cleaning and inspection of the Bayview Bride and Memorial Bridge. However, that work isn’t expected to happen until next year.  

Governor Rauner’s plan proposes making improvements to almost 2,000 miles of road and 525 bridges maintained by the state, plus more than 750 miles of local roads. 

State officials said the program focuses on smaller repairs and projects "that provide the greatest economic benefit to communities" while saving money.

Quincy Utilities Director Jeffrey Conte says this is all about the state using its own money for its own projects. 

"The projects aren’t local projects though some state highways are what we considered local roads," said Conte. "Illinois 96 that runs through town is a local road but it’s a state highway."

Conte adds that these plans would move forward regardless of federal and state funding.

Other improvements include resurfacing and ADA improvements to 3rd Street and 4th Street and bridge cleaning on the Keokuk bridge. 

These improvement will happen between 2019 and 2024. 



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