Veterans taking upcoming Honor Flight #48

The following veterans will be taking the next Great River Honor Flight on June 9, 2018.

Conflict Name Hometown State Branch
Kor Justin P. Altgilbers Quincy IL A
Viet Ronald G. Armstrong Kahoka MO A
Viet Larry E. Brehm Paloma IL A
Viet Jimmy M. Brewer Downing MO A
Viet Paul V. Brotherton Kahoka MO A
Viet Frederick H. Clapp Memphis MO A
Viet Donald R. Cummins Center MO A
Viet James E. Downing Quincy IL N
Viet Jerry R. Duncan Downing MO A
Viet Carl E. Frick Quincy IL AF
Viet Gary M. Frye Hull IL A
Viet Lyndell L. Harlan Philadelphia MO AF
Viet Larry D. Hayes Edina MO A
Viet Daniel F. Hoener Fowler IL A
Kor George W. Hoffman Canton MO A
Viet Robert J. Hunolt Edina MO A
Kor Darryl G. Hunsaker Camp Point IL N
Viet Glen M. Jackson Downing MO A
Viet John C. Johnson Quincy IL N
Viet Robert M. Johnson Quincy IL N
Viet Alvin L. Lashbrook Camp Point IL N
Viet Montey A. Mays Quincy IL A
Viet Richard V. Mays Hannibal MO AF
Viet Donald D. Middleton Memphis MO A
Viet Montie C. Newell Rushville IL A
Viet Roger R. Ricketts Canton MO A
Viet Everett E. Scott Maywood MO M
Viet Roger D. Sedore Wyaconda MO A
Viet Lonnie D. Shepard Bowling Green MO A
Viet Thomas D. Spradlin Quincy IL A
Viet Barry J.K. Thomure Hannibal MO M
Viet Kenneth W. Tibbits New London MO A
Viet Kathleen Williams Fowler IL A

ITINERARY: Great River Honor Flight Mission #48



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