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Donnellson improving water quality with new source

People living in one part of southeast Iowa are about to see an improvement in their drinking water.

It’s a change that could have a big impact on health, especially for kids. 

Donnellson residents are drinking water that has high fluoride and radium levels, according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Now the city is getting a new water source to bring cleaner water to the city.

Todd Herdrich, Director of Public Works said the city received a $670,000 loan to connect the city’s water to Rathbun Regional Water Association, which is located at Fort Madison’s water plant. 

City officials said the current water supply is having a big impact on kids.

"It’s gonna help bring more people to town hopefully and more interest and have a big impact in water quality,"  Herdrich said. "We had a high fluoride rate and it was hard on kids teeth and hope this will help stop that problem."

To do this, the city is paying to run a pipe along the 14-mile route from Fort Madison to Donnellson.

The project will start in the fall and is scheduled to be done by the end of the year.

The new connection will bring the city up to date with Iowa DNR health and sanitary standards, meaning the city can avoid costly fines.

Below is a copy of the full report on the water quality test done in 2016. 


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