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Keokuk Radio Station back on the air with local ownership

After being off the air for a month, a local radio station is up and running under local management.

KOKX, Z-93 in Keokuk was bought by Mike Greenwald and Leah Jones.

Greenwald said the station had meetings with several broadcast companies but either side couldn’t reach an agreement.

So Greenwald and Jones decided to buy it from Riverfront Broadcasting and they said its because the station has a big impact on the community. 

"We were worried for quite a while that it wouldn’t exist anymore," Greenwald said. "It was just an asset that was too big and too important to the community to let it go." 

"We will be adding health shows, things that the community has asked us for that brings something to their life and impacts their day to day," Leah Jones said. 

They will reach out to community to ask what they would want to hear on AM 1310, the country station and will move 93.5 F.M. to classic rock from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.


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