Postseason Play: Holy Trinity prepares for Regional Championship

In the next 24 hours a daunting task awaits the Holy Trinity Girls soccer team. HTC is getting set to take on the #1 team in the state of Iowa tomorrow night. They play Davenport Assumption with a birth to the state tournament on the line for the second straight year. 

Holy Trinity won their first two postseason games by a combined 9-0 including a 6-0 win versus Mediapolis on Friday night, but Assumption has been a special type of dominant winning their first two postseason games by a combined 23-0. HTC head coach Michael Sheerin says that it’ll be a challenge on a couple different fronts. 

"Coaches are going to go in and say, ‘Well do you still go in and keep playing the same way you play?’

I love the way we play, but we can’t beat Assumption the way we’re playing. Because they’ll counter and kill us. We’ve practiced for two weeks on how to play against assumption.

So we bring that in there, nice defensive game, hopefully some counter play. We’re going to play on turf. They used to call it astroturf. That to me is the real killer. We’re not scared to play them. I don’t like that turf," said head coach Michael Sheerin. ds



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