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Voters head to polls in Iowa

Iowa voters head to the polls on Tuesday for the state’s Primary Election.

Polling locations are open from  7 a.m.- 9 a.m.

Due to a new voter ID law, voters must bring a photo I.D. or a voter I.D. card to polling places.If voters do not have one, they must sign an oath of identity.

To learn more about the voter I.D. law click here.

Among other items on the ballots, Iowans will select a gubernatorial candidate for each party.

For the Democratic Party, there will be six names on the ballot. However, Nate Boulton suspended his campaign late in May following misconduct allegations. The announcement came after the deadline to be removed from the ballot. Other Democratic candidates on the ballot will include Cathy Glasson, Fred Hubbell, Andrea Andy McGuire, John Norris and Ross Wilburn.

The Libertarian Party will have two candidates on the ballot, Marco Battaglia and Jake Porter.

The Republican ballot will have only one candidate, the incumbent Governor Kim Reynolds.

You can see samples of all three ballots here.

Lee County Voter Administrator Nikki Sugars is uncertain about voter turn out, but, she does not anticipate it to be very high.

"I think our local elections are even more important than our presidential even because effects your more closely to home," Sugars said.


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