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City leaders come together in effort to prevent scams

One type of scam that commonly fools people, comes to them right on their cell phones. They’ll get a phone call from a number that looks like a normal number, but it’s really a scam. 

Sunny Irick, a Hannibal resident, said she gets up to three mysterious phone calls a month.

"They wanted to go into my bank account and transfer money from Google or something like that, into my bank account," Irick said.

This is one of many types of scams that the Better Business Bureau says is leaving people in a money hole. City leaders in Quincy say that they are doing everything they can to make people aware. Detective Adam Gibson deals with victims to scam all the time. 

"I just talked to a victim yesterday that sent in 5,000 dollars with the belief that they had won 3.5 million dollars," Gibson said. 

The BBB said scammers use Facebook, email, landlines and cell phones. One example is the sweepstakes scam, which says that you’re a winner and can pay a fee to redeem your prize.

Gibson said scams like these are hard to catch, especially when dealing with another country.

"Obviously with the international scams, much like this with the Jamaican based scams, jurisdiction is difficult," Gibson said.

Authorities said the best thing you can do is to be aware of the different scams and ask yourself if it’s too good to be true, because the scammers won’t stop.

"They do keep on and on and on calling… and my best advice is to just say ‘goodbye,’ click.," Irick said.


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