Residents react to changes to yard waste lot hours

Gloria Yager said the yard waste lot in Hannibal is convenient for her.

"It’s a comfort to me. I’m a widow and I can bring a few things down here, throw it off and get it off my truck. It’s out of my yard and makes the yard look better." she said.

But the city said images from security cameras show people using the lot who shouldn’t be.

"I have some deer cameras in it to see how often its used, when it’s used, things like that. I’ve discovered about 50 percent of its use has been commercial haulers, commercial lawn care pros, things like that." said Hannibal Street Department Supervisor Mike McHargue.

The lot is 24/7 but because people have ignored some of its rules, McHargue said those hours will be changing.

"Somewhere around two thousand to twenty five hundred is what it’s costing the city. Let alone the time it takes, about an hour to an hour and a half to load one of those dumpsters so that’s around 13 man hours plus the machinery hours, fuel, you throw all that on top, it’s not just the hauling." he said.

Hannibal residents like John Schafer said limited access to the lot could create other problems.

"It’s a real limit on the people that use this because when you clean up your yard and you want to get rid of the debris and if there’s no place to get rid of it, people just tend to dump it alongside the road or something." he said.

Starting July 1st, the lot will only be open Friday through Sunday, 10am to 6pm. It’s only open to residents of Hannibal. Contractors are not allowed to dump at the lot which is located at 9th and Warren Barrett drive.



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