Neighborhood reacts to stabbing in Quincy

Quincy Police are investigating what led to a early morning stabbing that sent a man to the hospital at a home on 910 North 3rd street.

A detective says two men got into an argument and it resulted in one being stabbed. The victim was taken to a local hospital for surgery. Police have not released what the argument was about. So far no one has been arrested, but officers detained three people on scene. Neighbors say the incident has rattled the neighborhood.

"Ever since I moved back here from Chicago, seems like this town is getting worse and worse,I don’t know why," Joshua Clowers said.

The stabbing happened two homes down from where Clowers previously lived. 

"I used to live right there where those stairs, I used to live upstairs, 3rd and Chestnut," Clowers said.

Crime scene tape and detectives alarm some neighbors, who say it is an all too common sight, as their neighborhood deals with crime. Resident Tammy Beaston has lived in Quincy her entire life and the stabbing shocked her. 

"Probably in the last few years, the older times you use to be able to, ya know, be on your front porch and neighbors were always helping each other, now you’re just, you have to always be cautious, lock you doors, look over your shoulder," Beaston said.

Clowers is at a loss and said violence needs to stop, but he doesn’t know how to reverse the trend.

"It’s a small town, it shouldn’t be like this, but you know a lot of these police are working hard to do their job and it’s kinda hard when they don’t know what’s always going on," he added.

If you are concerned about crime in your neighborhood, Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers offers some advice: Be alert for unusual activity, such as people coming and going at odd hours of the day, report suspicious activity to police as soon as you notice it.

To submit a tip to Crime Stoppers click here.



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