Police urge caution during summer festivities

You may think of drunk drivers during holiday weekends but as summer festivals get into full swing there are lots of weekends where there are several local events serving alcohol to people who may be driving.  

Brad Standefer is in town from Alton, Illinois with the Great River Road Dune Buggies for Hannibal’s Brew Skies Music Festival. 

"This year we started coming here because it’s something different," said Standefer.

Even with this being his first time at Brew Skies, something he says he won’t be doing is drinking and then get behind the wheel. 

"I don’t like it just because I’ve had friends get killed in drunk driving accidents," said Standefer. 

In Quincy, Sgt. Sam Smith with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office says it’s a busy time for police watching for drunk drivers. 

"We tend to see an uptick throughout the summer into the fall," said Smith.

An event police have their eye on is the return of kart racing to Quincy’s South Park.  It’s expected to bring upwards of 10,000 spectators to the event which runs throughout the day Saturday and Sunday. With alcohol being served, organizer Terry Traeder urges people to be responsible.

"If you can’t drive we’ll help you find a ride somewhere or call Lyft for you or something like that," said Traeder. "It’s foolish to drink so much and then go out and get in a car and get yourself hurt or somebody else."

Even if you aren’t going to one of this weekend’s big draws, Smith says it’s best to have a plan for future events. 

"We understand everyone is going to go out and enjoy the summer activities," said Smith. "We encourage them to go out and have a good time. If you do drink be responsible about how you do so."

If you’re caught drinking and driving, even if you’re a first time offender, police say you can expect to pay around $10,000.

If you notice a drunk driver, police say to give the vehicle as much space as you can and call 9-1-1. 




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