Pruett happy to be back: Former Quincy Grand Prix champion returns as grand marshall

The year was 1982 and Scott Pruett was continuing a karting career that would eventually be rivaled by few. Pruett came to South Park and won a Quincy Grand Prix championship. Nearly four decades later and Pruett is back as grand marshall of an event that has new life.

The sound of the roaring engine. It’s an unfamiliar sound to some in Quincy. But to those who have been here long enough, the sound is an old friend that’s been missed. 

President of the Quincy Grand Prix Terry Traeder said, "Everywhere you go you see, so glad you brought the race back.

Thank you so much for doing this." 

After a 17 year absence the race is back in Quincy and along with the race itself returns a legend. Scott Pruett, won who won the race in 1982 and went onto have a career that spanned Indy Car, NASCAR and more is back as the grand marshall and both young and old alike are estatic for his return. 

"I saw him also compete here at Quincy in the Park and he’s kind of an icon. Just a great racer, a really good guy committed to the community, just a great job.

Good ambassador for the sport," said coach Bryan Venberg.

One of the riders from this weekend Evan Stamer said,"Scott, he’s a legendary driver in his own and the fact that he’s coming here  is just super cool.

A guy like him that’s super popular, super famous, would take his time to come out to this huge race."

"It’s this track right here where Pruett’s career really began to accelerate. And with the race back in Quincy for the first time since 2001, Pruett’s excited to be back where it all began." 

"I came to Quincy, Illinois when I was 12 years old. Won my first national title here in go-karts and that’s what kind of set this career going.

A race here like this in Quincy is just, it’s the way things should be," said Pruett.

A classic race, ready for a new generation. 



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