A Family Affair: Venburg’s make Quincy Grand Prix a family tradition

Bryan Venberg raced in the Quincy Grand Prix from 1984-1987, winning it twice.

He competed alongside his twin brother Brad and their father Ken drove go-karts as well.

Now Bryan is back in Quincy this weekend with his children, taking a role in the backseat as their coach and pit manager.

The dedication the Venberg’s have to the sport and to each other takes family tradition to a whole new level.  

Jake Venberg knew he wanted to be driving a go-kart before he was even allowed to try.

"I got a go-kart for Christmas when I was a little kid and I wasn’t old enough to drive it and I just sat in it for two straight years until we finally went to the race track and I finally got to drive it and I fell in love with the sport, " said Venberg.

His younger sister Arie wasn’t quite as eager.

Arie said, "I think as a kid I was actually really intimidated by it.

I don’t think I actually started competing well until I was a lot older.

Once I really started falling in love with the sport, I think I fell in love with the competition and then just started getting better and better after that." 

The Venberg family races all across the country around 30 weekends per year and the comitment costs more than just the Venberg’s time at home.

Their father Bryan said, "It’s probably 5-7 thousand dollars a weekend to run for a weekend and compete.

And then time is every weekend Thursday through Sunday. Fly in, race, fly out, go back to work and repeat it the next weekend."

And while they may be a team, that doesn’t mean the sibling rivalry doesn’t play factor into the equation.

Arie said, "In the pits we are always trying to help each other, but once we get on the track it’s all man for himself and there’s not much you can do.

I don’t want him to beat me. I’ve got to stand for myself."

You can expect the family affair to be full throttle on Championship Sunday.



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