Tenants react to shots being fired in Hannibal apartment complex

People living in an apartment complex in Hannibal are speaking out Sunday after multiple gun shots were fired in the area Friday night.

Police announced they made an arrest Saturday, but tenants say it could’ve been worse. 

"Drug activity and violence is far from what I expected. I thought that’s what we were avoiding," Anjelicia Jones said.

Jones enjoys letting her son and daughter ride bikes and play, right outside of their home at Chloe Place Apartments Complex on 100 Chloe Place in Hannibal.

Jones has lived here since December and has never had a problem with the place, until Friday’s incident. 

"I am concerned for my children to be playing outside, and for other children," Jones said. "My first reaction was that, the fact that kids do play outside, there’s nowhere designated for them to play, so for someone to just come and shoot in the air, to make a statement, was very inappropriate."

John Lampton was sitting in his apartment, when it all went down.

"I was laying inside watching TV when I heard gunshots go off," Lampton said. 

Gunshots are not a common sound heard in this fairly new neighborhood, which is why residents are shocked that their safety is now in jeopardy. 

"This is crazy," Lampton said. "This is a place where kids play all the time, we see kids out here all the time, most people are real friendly, just got some crazy crap going on." 

Both residents agree that changes need to be made, whether that comes with improving security around the complex, or requiring a more thorough background check for renters. 

"I don’t feel safe and I don’t expect others to feel safe with that happening," Jones said. "It’s very shocking to me."

Police said six .40 caliber shell casings were located in the parking lot. 

Tobias later admitted to police to firing seven rounds.

He told police that he fired shots in the air to make a statement. 

Tobias has been placed in Marion County Jail.



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