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Marion County Jail steps up security after failed escape plan

New security measures are in place after a failed escape attempt at the Marion County Jail.

The sheriff said the changes come after three inmates attempted to break out of jail a few weeks ago.

Three inmates had started digging a hole in the wall of one of the cells.

A fourth inmate turned them in, stopping their plot.

Sheriff Jimmy Shinn said they likely wouldn’t have made it out of the jail, because the hole led to another part of the jail.

He said they have stepped up patrols and will no longer allow anything on the walls of the cells.

"These guys got 24 hours, 7 days a week to sit back here and think and plot and manipulate things that they can back here. If one gets a chance to escape or get out of here, will they take advantage of that? absolutely they would." said Shinn.

The three inmates who tried to escape now face additional charges. The inmate who reported it was transferred to a different jail.


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