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Tips for National Internet Safety Month

June is National Internet Safety Month and local law enforcement is offering advice for parents to monitor children’s online activity.

Palmyra Police Cheif Eddie Bogue suggested setting a time limit on how long kids can use the internet daily. He warns criminal activity can happen through the internet and it is important to make sure your child does not get involved with bad people, because often times people including children are not as knowledgeable as criminals.

"These bad guys are very computer literate, so they can get in there and they can send you bad things, there’s a lot of bad things child pornography that goes on underneath the surface," Chief Bogue said.

 A recent survey done by U.S. Cellular revealed that 64 percent of parents admit to frequently monitoring their kid’s smart phone use, and 70 percent of families have rules about how to use the device. Not surprisingly, 39 percent of kids think those rules are too strict.

Quincy resident and grandparent Judy Junkerman prefers taking her granddaughter to the park to limit online screen time.

"I like to share the way we grew up back in the old days, getting out in the park and not being on the phone constantly," Junkerman said.

Chief Bogue is also warning people about a computer scam that is resurfacing, it involves people claiming to be a "geek IT support company" notifying people their computer has a virus. People are receiving phone calls asking for access to their computer system,.

Chief Bogue says crooks can plant malware and access person information and this scam can be tricky because callers can find ways to use a local area code to deceive citizens. 

The calls are usually a part of a global operation and often times the call is from overseas making it harder to track down and prosecute, added Bogue. He recommends taking your computer to a local store if you are having any issues. 

More safety tips for the internet include: 

  • Do not share personal details with strangers, that means passwords, phone numbers and addresses
  • Only access and share appropriate content and parents should know all passwords to apps kids are using
  • Do use the internet while driving, using a device is a distraction that can lead to a crash according to law enforcement


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