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Plans move forward to replace Clat Adams Park fountain

Plans are moving forward to replace the fountain at Clat Adams Park along Quincy’s Riverfront. 

The fountain was installed back in 1992. Since then the fountain has been through three significant floods which park board officials say have taken a toll on the brick structure, as well as the motors and pumps. 

At Wednesday night’s Quincy Park Board meeting, commissioners agreed to spend $270,800 on a completely new fountain.

"It has become almost impossible to find the parts that are needed for this fountain to do repairs," said Quincy Park Board President Bob Gough. "Our staff has done an excellent job over the years of patching it together but the pipes and the underneath equipment is pretty much shot." 

All the electrical units underground will now be moved above ground, out of the way of potential flooding hazards. 

Construction should start in July, with the project set to be complete by early November. 


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