Meals on Wheels volunteers check on seniors in extreme heat

"Meals on wheels. How are you? Are you staying cool?" asked volunteer Lynn Riley on her first stop along her Meals on Wheels route.

It’s a simple question but it has a big impact.

"It’s good to have somebody check in with them every day," explained Riley.

Volunteers like Riley check on seniors on a daily basis through the meals on wheels program and when it gets hot, the wellness checks are even more important.  Sometimes seniors leave the air off because they can’t afford the bills on a fixed income or in other cases, "Some people will tell you, boy you know My air conditioning is not working and it’s good to be able to have a contact that you can contact somebody for them and say hey this is a problem." said Riley.

Meals on wheels clients are well aware of the services those volunteers provide. For Nancy Wickell, she said it helps her rest easy at night.

"I’m just happy that somebody cares enough that if something were to happen, I would get help immediately," explained Wickell

And Wickell said the food isn’t so bad either.

"The meals are very very good. The people that deliver are excellent. They are very polite. They are very very nice people."

If you want to get a family member signed up for meals on wheels, you can give the senior center here in Quincy a call. Their number is (217) 223-7904.

If you know of a loved one that isn’t on meals on wheels but you would like to have them checked on, especially if you don’t live in the area, you can do that by contacting the Quincy police department. Their number is (217) 228-4470.



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